Finance Protection

Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed to protect your family from the financial risks of an untimely death. Should you die before the financial obligation on your vehicle is fully re-paid, your family will be spared the expense and worry of paying out the loan. You are protected during the entire term of your loan or a shorter period if you select short term benefits.

Disability Insurance

We offer disability insurance designed to protect you from the financial risks of an interruption in your ability to earn an income. This 24 hour accident and sickness insurance makes your payments for an extended period of disability. If you are sick or become injured (on or off the job) and are unable to earn an income, then your monthly obligation will be paid on your behalf.

Extended Protection Plan

You have made a large investment in a vehicle. Now, invest in a protection plan for that vehicle. Are you worried about unexpected breakdowns and unforeseen costly repairs? Vehicles are built with thousands of specialized parts and hi-tech components. With the cost of repairs increasing an expensive repair can be a financial burden. We can eliminate those worries. Choose one of our protection plans to guard you against these unplanned expenses.

Vehicle Protection

Leather & Vinyl Protection - Guaranteed To Protect Your Leather & Vinyl from Fading or Cracking

The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays cause fading, cracking, and discoloration of your vehicle's leather and vinyl interior. Platinum Shield Leather/ Vinyl Protection prevent aging of your vehicle's interior leather and vinyl. Penetrating conditioners create a barrier that locks in the essential oils and pigments, and provides ultraviolet sunscreen while still allowing the leather to breathe. The flat satin finish of a protected dashboard eliminates glare and reduces dust.

Fabric Protection -Guaranteed To Protect
Your Fabric from Staining

Spills and everyday mishaps are almost unavoidable, many leaving permanent stains on your new vehicle's seats and floor. Platinum Shield Fabric Protection is an invisible barrier that ensures easy clean-up of spills to avoid permanent staining. Penetrating each individual fiber to repel moisture and dirt, while the treated fabric remains open and breaths. This high quality environmental product will not alter the color or texture of your fabric or leave any residual odor.

Paint Sealant -Guaranteed to Protect Your
Paint against Fading or Oxidation

The sun's powerful ultraviolet rays will cause your paint to fade. The clear coat finish on your vehicle's painted surface is uneven. These peaks and valleys trap dirt, salt, pollutants and moisture which dull the finish, ruin the look of your vehicle, and affect its resale value. Platinum Shield Paint Protection bonds to the surface completely sealing the paint. It will create a smooth, durable finish that protects your vehicle against the harsh Canadian environment. This long lasting sealant protects and enhances your vehicle's clear coat with no requirement for waxing or reapplication.

Undercoat Protection - Guaranteed to Protect against Rust Perforation and/or Reduce Road Noise

Canadian roads and weather conditions are tough on your vehicle's under-carriage. Disturbing road noise and vibrations can make a long road trip even longer and more tiring. Platinum Shield Undercoat Protection is specially formulated for exposed high impact areas. This pliable product will not crack, peel, or chip. It seals out moisture and protects your under-carriage components from road debris. It also provides insulation from extreme temperatures and reduces disturbing road noise, offering you're a quieter more enjoyable ride.

Tire & Rim Protection - Guarantees the Damage Caused by Road Hazards

This includes flat tire repair, replacing un-repairable tires or rims if damaged and won't hold air, all related taxes & levies, no deductible, mounting, balancing, installation plus covers original or replacement tires. This product is available for all new and used vehicles.

Rust Spray - Guaranteed to Stop Rust Perforation

Rust not only ruins the appearance and value of your vehicle, it shortens its life and structural integrity. Today's vehicles have many hard to reach places where moisture can collect causing rust formation. Platinum Shield Rust Inhibitor Spray Protection Seals your vehicle's inner body metal surfaces and stops rust perforation from the inside out. The high pressure spray application ensures that all inner body panels are treated without drilling any holes.

Corrosion Control Module

Platinum Shield Corrosion Control Module is a breakthrough in the fight against rust. A pulse amplifier microprocessor generates a repetitive pulse surface current, which is distributed to all grounded body panels, protecting additional areas such as the roof and inseams that conventional products cannot reach.The Corrosion Control Module draws a small amount of DC energy from the vehicle's battery and directs it through a microprocessor, which converts this energy into an AC current.
Through patented state of the art technology built into the Corrosion Control Module, a pulse amplifier (another microprocessor) generates a repetitive "pulse" surface current, which is distributed on to conducting (grounded) body panels of the vehicle (travels on the surface of the metal) to help inhibit the corrosion process (slows down the oxidation process).
Metals want to turn back to their original state of iron ore? the oxygen molecules in the air steal negative ions from metals. Corrosion is an electro-chemical reaction. Iron and oxygen have opposite charges and therefore seek to combine to form rust. The metal body tends to have a positive electrical charge in an area where rust is occurring. In order to inhibit rust, the corrosion control module induces a negative charge to the surface, creating a force of repulsion. The pulse currents interfere with the corrosion process.
Being energy efficient, the Corrosion Control Module is built with "Smart Circuit" technology to insure that when the battery voltage is low, you are not put into a "no start" situation.
The Module is mounted in the engine compartment of the vehicle with a Velcro pad and is powered by the existing 12 volt car battery. Actual size of the module is 8 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.2 cm. Grounded body panel to create surface flow. Externally fused to protect the unit from power surges, the Corrosion Control Module has been tested to exacting standards by world-renowned certified testing laboratories.

Maintenance Kit

The Maintenance Kit will noticeably extend the life of your vehicle's appearance when properly maintained.

  • Paint Cleaner/Restorer
  • Car Wash Concentrate
  • Premium Leather Conditioner
  • Spot Remover
  • Chamois
  • Applicator Sponge

Platinum Security Protection

Identification Code

A non-removable, police traceable identification code is permanently etched on all the major glass of your vehicle or imprinted onto selected body panels of your vehicle. The identification code is registered into a national database that is cross-referenced to the manufacturer's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the selling dealership, and the vehicle's owner.

Warning Decal

Visible warning decals on the driver and front passenger windows identify the vehicle as being registered with a national theft prevention company. These decals warn thieves that the vehicle's key components are marked.

Theft Recovery

The Platinum Security Protection also aids in recovering stolen vehicles and assists you with related expenses. The Platinum Security Protection system discourages thieves from stealing marked vehicles.

Why you should use Nitrogen in your tires.

The Nitrogen Tire Safety Program replaces normal air with pure Nitrogen in your tires.


  •     Reduces corrosion inside wheel rims.
  •     Nitrogen maintains consistent pressure levels and reduces treadwear.
  •     Reduces blowouts and avoidable collisions.
  •     Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  •     Gasoline saving alone cover the Customer Cost.
  •     Nitrogen Tire Inflation is a proven Safety Program.

Also Available

Road hazard tire and wheel warranty

  •     Tire and Wheel damage caused by Road Hazards.
  •     Original or Replacement tire when filled with Nitrogen.
  •     Flat tire repairs or replacement.
  •     Wheel repair or replacement.
  •     Mounting, Balancing and Installation.
  •     All taxes/ No deductible.
  •     Unlimited kilometers.
  •     Aggregate limit - $5000 maximum.

Ventureshield - Paint Protection Film

We now offer a solution to help prevent damage such as rock chips, bad weather and salted roadways to your vehicle and headlights. VentureShield is an indestructible visibly clear film, which is the strongest on the market today and requires no special care or maintenance. The protection is virtually invisible to the naked-eye, allowing the manufacturers aesthetics to shine through. VentureShield offers our six year guarantee on the yellowing and cracking due to UV exposure.