Your Steering Questions Answered

How Often Should I Check My Power Steering Fluid?

The power steering fluid should only be checked if a leak is suspected, abnormal noises are apparent, and/or the system is not functioning as anticipated. If you’re hearing noises, or if you’re having any problems with your steering, bring it into us as soon as you can.

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My Steering Feels Funny. Why?

Generally, if your steering is growling, or buzzing it could be because your power steering fluid is low. If it’s squealing, your drive belt is probably slipping on the power steering unit. If it’s moaning when you turn the steering wheel your power steering pump may be about to fail. If the steering wheel feels loose, it may indicate worn parts. If it feels wobbly or it’s pulling, it could be because your tire pressure is low or your suspension is out of alignment. And finally, if it feels heavy, you may have lost your power steering assist. If you’re experiencing any problems with your steering, see your Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT®, Jeep® or Ram dealer as soon as possible.

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